Demonstrations EP

by Ghost Mall



released January 1, 1977



all rights reserved


Ghost Mall New Paltz, New York

ghosting. forever and ever amen.

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Track Name: 40 Nugs (Demo)
if i went to heaven, i'd lose my legs
if i went to heaven, i'd grow wings instead
if we stayed up talking, i'd go to hell
im not a sinner. i just love too well

and we're keeping in time in time all night
keeping that beat right your body with mine
picking that beat up where we left off
gimme those cigarettes cause that cough keeps me alive

i wish you never said i wish we'd die
just as we were hitting our stride
i wish you never said i was just a boy
cause now i know what it is to be destroyed

and i'm keeping my head up, up so high
keeping my back straight stretching my spine
now i'm a giant in a world of men
but i can't never go back i'm not like them
Track Name: Johnny Appleseed (Demo)
it will be at a party or at some sort of reunion
or a funeral
i won't recognize you right away
we'll talk
you'll paw at the ground with your patent leather shoes
eyes staring straight at the floor if we talk about you
but that little flicker in your face
when we mention those historic seven hundred and ninety two days
will let me know
that you know
that i know
that you know
that you fucked up.

i sleep soft at night
and alone except for my knife
because the dream catcher above my bed
well, nightmares it don't catch them
and i'm always prepared to fight

i like it when you're right
because your eyes spark and ignite
and burn away my doubts and fears
about the choices i made last year

and i know i will sleep tight tonight

let's save the world thats why we do it
basements and best friends get us through this